Man-Or-Astroman? – Experiment Zero (1996)

September 4, 2007 at 7:27 am (music, surf)

 Experiment Zero

Here´s another piece from Man-Or-Astroman, their 4th studio record “Experiment Zero”(1996). This one is a little bit more spacy and psychedelic and it sounds more punkrock the guitars and the drum aren´t so surf-rock it more remains like a 80´s punk-band, again you will find a lot of old science-fiction samples, if you know the radio-play Jan Tenner or the classic Batman TV show, you will remember them while you´re listening to “Experiment Zero”.
So grab your Batman outfit and a surfboard and let´s go to the beach!
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Get it!


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Man Or Astroman – Destroy All Astroman (1994)

August 26, 2007 at 12:53 pm (music, surf)

(If you have the cover to this record, just let me know!)

Cowabunga comrades, you like surfboards, beaches and science-fiction, than you will love Man-Or-Astroman, a surf band straight from Alabama. If you like the early Dick Dale style, especially the sound of 60´s surfmusic and crazy science-fiction snippets, you will go mad at these Alabama surfband.

So, hang loose!

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