Beastie Boys – Sea Bright NJ (Live Bootleg 05/22/92)

September 20, 2007 at 9:32 am (hardcore, hiphop, music)

Today is bootleg time, this is the first of bootleg records I will publish today. Here we have a live bootleg from a Beastie Boys concert in Randy´s Rodeo, NJ in 1992 if you know the history of the Beastie Boys, you will know that this one is not a hardcore to the bone nor a true hiphop record. The quality is fair, if you think that someone recorded the show without permission. I publish also the tracklist, because I couldn´t find it on the net, a cover is also missing.

1.  Ricky Powell’s Intro
2.  To All The Girls
3.  Slow & Low
4.  Shake Your Rump
5.  Pass The Mic
6.  Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun>
7.  Rhyming & Stealing
8.  Time For Livin’
9.  Egg Raid On Mojo
10. In 3’s (Instrumental)
11. POW
12. Live at PJ’s
13. Stand Together
14. Posse In Effect
15. A Year & A Day/Posse In Effect pt 2
16. Jimmy James
17. Sounds of Silence
18. Finger Lickin Good

1.  This One’s for Todd
2.  High Plains Drifter
3.  So Whatcha Want?
4.  Paul Revere
5.  The Maestro
6.  Groove Holmes (Instrumental)
7.  Something’s Got To Give
8.  Lighten Up
9.  Gratitude
10. Stand Up (Minor Threat Cover)
11. Time To Get Ill
12. Shadrach

CD 1

CD 2


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